View Full Version : Roule-Improvenemt needed: Red Bull Ring GP / GT3 / Spin-Off at Pit-Entry = DQ

07-12-2017, 15:47
hi SMS
had an absolutely amazing GT3 Race with 5 other High-Ranked guys at the Red-Bull Ring.
7 Laps / Mandatory Pitstop.

We all had the same strategy - race thru and pit in last possible moment.
I went in to pit as P1 - made little mistake during braking, went bit (5 cm) into the grass on the left side right infront the pit with no gas / breaking at all / pitlimiter on.
guess what happens? system decides to give me a full spin (loss of grip). was happy to not hit anything - p2 passed me during me "sliding" - unlucky as the situation was

i "slided kinda backwards" (but below pit speed limit) over the pit-entry-line - sudden DQ because of "wrong direction".

in a nutshell:

- because bit of grass touching, full spin
- because of spin, sliding backwards over pit-entry
- sudden DQ

that shouldn't happen - should it? as far as speedlimits arent violated?
it was penalty enough to loose p1 at end of lap 9/10...