View Full Version : BUG [PS4] - engine revs freeze at a constant rate, can't brake or accelerate.

08-12-2017, 13:40
So I'll be going along and suddenly my revs are at a constant rate ( the noise and also car travels at a constant speed, no slowing down, no accelerating)... during this time I can't manually accelerate or brake... in fact all input seems to become frozen other than steering (tho i think steering may also be affected). It usually lasts around 2 or 3 seconds which can be enough to ruin your race. The car will just continue along it's current trajectory. This happens OFFLINE!.. which is why it's so annoying... i could understand lag spikes online... but in career mode? This happens when using both the controller and my G29 racing wheel.
Anyone else getting this or know what it is i'm doing to cause it? I'm on manual shift, but it does it on Karts, where I'm not even shifting.. and I never seem to be shifting anyway when it does occur.
any help would be greatly appreciated :)

I also own Project Cars 2 on PC and I haven't had this happen once. Yet I had only 2 races on PS4 last night and it happened 4 times. So it would seem that since the update yesterday it has gotten worse.