View Full Version : Tuesday Night Online Champ PS4 looking for members

08-12-2017, 13:45
Hi All, myself and 2 friends currently race once a week on PCARS 2's normal online mode, filling the track with AI racers. We would like try the online championship mode and are therefore looking for up to 13 people to join us about 8.00PM UK time for a few races.

We generally do 15 minute qualy and approx 5 lap race and get about 4-5 races in. We like to mix up the car classes and circuits and sometimes have 2 car classes per race.

2 of us use a wheel and the other a controller, we are competitive but no experts and are just looking for people who want good, clean racing. No restrictions on online rating but we will exclude anyone who disrupts our races with constant crashing.

We use authentic assists but apart from that do not restrict you to manual gears etc.

We would like to try having some of the drivers in teams, so me and my friends would be one team of 3. If anyone else would like to join as a team then let me know. Maximum 3 per team, we can then have a constructors as well as drivers champ.

Anyone interested in Joining us our next race should be Tuesday 12th December, car classes and circuits not decided as yet. Either put your PSN ID on here and I will invite you or send me a friend request with the message Tues Night league: my PSN ID is: dannyboy007