View Full Version : i keep getting disconnected from any MP game

09-12-2017, 13:08
Today i fired up pCars2 and tried to koin some MP races, it seems like, no matter what i join, i get disconnected in about 1 minute when joining the track.
Never had similar problems and i have an app tracing my internet speed/latency and i cannot see anything problematic there.
I will uptate the thread if the problem somehow solves, but i wanted to tell about it, my PC specs are in signature, i'm playing in VR so have to stay on old nvidia 385.41 driver because of compatibility issues with my old GPU, but i don't think it matters, also i recently installed creators update that gave me a lot of problems, but pcars2 MP was still working untill yesterday.

Markus Ott
09-12-2017, 13:20
Do you have disconects or does your router lose connection at all?

09-12-2017, 13:24
Reset yout internet/router and restart steam/Pc. This solved my issue instantly.

09-12-2017, 15:44
Did both of them but didn't work (the router wasn't even disconnecting at all), then noticed that windows had updated nvidia drivers for second time after i said to it not to do so, had to do some things with regedit to prevent it from doing so again, started pcars, 1st game i joined i was disconnected again after less than a minute, but then i was able to do a full qualify+race session.
Didn't have time to do more tries, but it seems that, at least, it now works in some lobbies.

10-12-2017, 01:54
I confirm it now works, it seems like pcars2+nvidia 388.59 drivers+GTX680+creator update has some problems, don't know if also oculus plays a role, but it didn't work even when not playing in VR, still it seems strange to me that a GPU driver gives MP connection problems in pcars..