View Full Version : 'Automatic Camera Levelling Routine' (ACLR)

09-12-2017, 18:06
I prefer (and always have in racing games) to run with minimal (or zero) world movement and the ACLR introduced for pCARS2 completely ruins this for me. If I wanted lots of world movement I'd choose a higher value in the first place. It's effectively making low values of world movement redundant as it overrides, well I say 'overrides' perhaps interferes would be a better word with an option I've choosen.

Would it be possible to have the option of turning this 'feature' on/off, either say via a checkbox in the menu somewhere or alternatively if this 'feature' has to be shoehorned into the existing World Movement framework restricting it to the middle values of world movement settings e.g.

World Movement 0-15 - 'ACLR' off, game behaves like pCARS1
World Movement 16-84 - 'ACLR' on
World Movement 86-100 - 'ACLR' off, game behaves like pCARS1

I know it can be turned off as you can see it 'drop out' if you stop on a slope and the camera reverts to its expected/logical behaviour, start moving again and you see it kick back in!