View Full Version : New communtity-event - new trouble... (penalties)

09-12-2017, 19:13
Yesterday it was time again: Community race GT3 on Spa:
- Penalties were turned on and there you could experience a variety of adventures:
+ On the same curve the curbs exploited: it was fine, not again next time.
+ Brake penalty was imposed for alleged cutten. So down with the ride (direct) and after the call for braking disappears you get a drive through penalty
+ One driver drove 3 times into the pit to make the official stop, but he was not accepted three times
+ I myself could only request the pitstop via ICM, but there was no pitcrew with me, but different with other (unoccupied boxes)

Only four of many small issues that spoiled the fun

Actually we wanted to ride the combined race on Nürburgring (NOS). However, it was not possible to get everyone on the server. During the loading phase, everything just stops. We tried this 4 times before we changed the track. With Spa we had no problems... (to join)

No dedicated server was used.