View Full Version : Blue Screen with Lotus 72 at Nordschleife;wheather problems

Hugo Catarino
11-12-2017, 01:57
Hello community!

I have two problems with my Project Cars Game of the Year edition,and i'm here to share them.i hope i can get help and get them solved.
The first one is,when i try to use the Lotus 72 at Nordschleife, the game crashes.A blue-error Screen appears right after the loading screen.This happens in either hotlap or race mode.doenst happen with anyother car or track,as far as i know.
The second problem is the wheather on endurace races,in quick race mode.if i try to do,say,a 30m race with 4 different wheather slots,the wheather wont change and will stick to the first slot.the legenth of the race or the number/type of slots are irrelevante:the wheather simply stays the same.this doesnt happen in races with laps,however.
Thank you in advance of any help i can get!