View Full Version : Patch 3.0 No Sound / FFB Bug

11-12-2017, 06:55
Just some advice and to raise some issues.

On some TC races I’ve been doing the sound stops working, works in qualifying, the loading music is there but as soon as the race starts it’s silence.

To fix it I found that if you adjust your cars engine volume up a bit the sound comes back.

Also I did a league race last night, Sakitto GT3 and there was 13 of us, by the end of the 25 lap race most of us have bad wheel vibrations, not there at first but became worse as the race progressed. The start/finish straight was the worse part of the track. A few of the guys had to stop as it was so bad.

Seem to mainly be the Thrustmaster guys worst affected but I have a G920 and had it towards the end, last lap was bad for me.

Even when the guys retired in the pits the wheel kept vibrating even sat in the garage. One guy unplugged his wheel and back in again but it didn’t fix it.

No fix for this other than starting a new race. Some other tracks do it a bit, but this one was bad.