View Full Version : Do not increase the safety rating and skill level !!!

11-12-2017, 13:48
Will any of the developers answer my questions? I won 2 tension races in a row, but my skill level stays in place and this is not the first time. I won races from more advanced users! How does it all work here ???????????? Why do not any of the developers answer my questions about bugs and bugs in the game. In the menu there is an arbitrary scrolling of all the items from which I can not set up the car before the race !! Yesterday at the Nordschleife, what kind of Hell was going on, all the cars without players went like mad. In the game there are 4 people but the data in the left corner say that in the session 21 players !!!! I can list bugs and mistakes endlessly. If none of the developers of this ...ng game responds to me, I will urge in all social networks to massively take this ...... "game" back, maybe then they will pay attention to us. !!!!!!!!!!

11-12-2017, 13:58
That's not how to communicate on this forum. Bye.