View Full Version : Shared Memory API wish list :)

11-12-2017, 19:14
just a few ideas i would like to get my fingers on and display in my own pcars overlays:

1) since patch 1.3 (API V9 it seems) we got:

char mLFTyreCompound[40]; // [ string ]
(same for all tires)

that info for all participants would be nice, sth like:
char mLFTyreCompound[STORED_PARTICIPANTS_MAX][40]; // [ string ]

2) in race time and date so one can display the race time and date progression

3) i always wonder, are other drivers using a custom setup or driving on default setup so sth like:
int mCarSetup[STORED_PARTICIPANTS_MAX]; // [0 = default setup; 1 = custom setup]
or as string (char)

Edit: as it seems some guys found a way to use loose or stable setups (when default setup is forced) no matter if they use a wheel or controller: [0 = default Loose setup; 1 = default Stable setup; 2 = custom setup]

for now: many thx for a great game !! :)

Edit: 4) Aero damage: sometimes i have 3% front and 1% rear aero damage but my (still pcars 1 format) aero data shows 5%
alternativ: float mAeroDamage[2]; // [ RANGE = 0.0f->1.0f ] with element [0] = front and element [1] = rear aero damage data

Edit: 5) monitoring all driver's assists: unsigned int mAssists[STORED_PARTICIPANTS_MAX]
// (Type#14) Assists Flags (to be used with 'mAssists')
enum AssistsFlags
STEERING = (1<<0),
BRAKING = (1<<1),
ABS = (1<<2),
TC = (1<<3),
SC = (1<<4)

6) drivers use manual or auto gearing: mGearing[STORED_PARTICIPANTS_MAX]

Edit: 7) licence data of every driver: mLicence[STORED_PARTICIPANTS_MAX] //string


Edit 8) mParticipants[].mWolrdPosition[] for time trial ghosts and replays
made an overlay which displays the driven line of 2 drivers
all works well in normal race
but there is no sharedmemory data in TT ghosts nor in replays

would be great ;)

Edit 9) mParticipants[].mGivenTimePenalties
for keeping track what time penalties every drive got in the runnning session/race