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13-12-2017, 16:31
Hi SMS and all

First of all: I'm addicted to this masterpiece of racedriving-simulation - well - *cought* - since hundreds of hours - i've spent literally the last whole months in it.

What i'm really missing is much more driver statistics and especially tracking of my laptimes during mp-online-events. i don't like beeing alone on track and doing TT (never done it).

The reason why THIS is the moment for me to say so is *cought* because *cought*...i've just beaten the WR on Red Bull Ring GP in Ferrari 488 GT3 - during a random MP-race over 12 laps against a guy i was even chatting during the race.
i've had set it up with 60x time and weather progression...some nice mix between light / heavy cloud, hazy....

and during that race, well it happened: i'm officially about 0.5 seconds faster then WR (...don't have the correct time at hand right now of the real WR holder in the TT mode):


it would be SOO nice SMS if your software could to all the work that i'm doing as a human in creating statistics. just so you know how much i love your sim and how much time i spend in it i'll ad my excel-sheet in which i have to write down manually all my successes and doing my own statistics.

i'd love you to give me a way to have such great laptimes recorded somewhere in my "profile"...
it's possible for you to implement such a complex thing like the Driverlicense - but i miss the basics of a programm: giving me the statistics we racers love so much (and because of lack of them, me creating noobish files to keep track of my driving).

have fun at track. cu there


and ofcourse: excuse my adrenalin rushed freestyle "i translate my german in some english" style of writing....i had to...

13-12-2017, 16:35
That's why TT is here. Track condition is always the same.

First, I never thought any human could be that fast on this track, even before the nerf.
Second, I suggest you go into TT mode to set your laptime. Track conditions were different, I know grip is a bit better on this track when night is coming and track temperature falling down.

If you're still able to put out 1:27 in TT, you're definitely one of a kind.

13-12-2017, 17:56
thanks...but i'm not just about "i want to have the WR" (it really was kind of an accident that i "hit every corner just right"...like i normally nod can....my usual times in races is (when all ok) maybe 01:30...up to 01.45ish in heavy rain...or so).

what i really want to say witch my track: why can't PC2 just keep track of my laptimes as close as it does to "how fair/clean/competitive" i'm racing. i'dont understand why fundamental statistical information isn't provided to the driver like a real race team would do it to train his driver....

or is there something out there im not knowing about that's still missing from public?...

the driving simulation is so good - but my "team" (i.e. engineer / statistics /) could be so much better. to help all the simdrivers out there to improve and keep competitive and clean racing...(and yes...it for sure is also a ego thing...i want to see if i improve etc....and want a WR just to be recorded and me not having to go to a forum to "celebrate"...i'm sure you hardcore racers out there do understand what i mean - not only about the WR...

really just would add so much more to "simulate real racing"...(i mean...look at the statistics/charts on the screens in the menu-buttons.)