View Full Version : need some tuning advice

14-12-2017, 03:17
i'm having the nose bobble when under heavy braking. when i max out the braking distance of a car i've been working on. i can't figure out what would help keep the nose from want to straighten out, so that i can brake heavily and keep that weight in the right spot instead of waiting for it to bounce back in before accelerating.

14-12-2017, 09:54
I know crap about dampers, but you can try a few things : More weight on the front ; higher dampers on the front (even better, download the suspension tweaks file in sticky threads).

14-12-2017, 14:05
Nose Bobble ? Do you mean the nose dives when under heavy braking? If so I would either increase my rear rebound, increase front bound. or a combination of the two.

14-12-2017, 14:18
You'd have to stiffen the front dampers and springs a bit. Maybe even a wee bit stiffer front sway bar and a slightly higher front rebound. But be advised - all of these settings can induce or understeer or make it even worse, if it's already an issue.