View Full Version : [KNOWN] Missing options in car setup (career)

14-12-2017, 14:05
This has just happened In career mode during qualifying.


It’s never done it before but just thought I’d let you guys know

14-12-2017, 14:11
Could you describe the details (car, track, session details, which event, what did you do before this session etc.)?

And how did you resolve it?

14-12-2017, 14:34
Yeah course, sorry.
Career - WSCR round 2 at Imola. Sports car racing european championship (Qualifying)
Car - Oreca 03 Nissan LMP2

At the start of qualifying I picked the sms stable preset. After 3 laps I got pole and came into the pits to alter the setup and that’s when I noticed the options to change things was missing.
Prior to this it was round 1 of the championship at the red bull ring, but everything was fine then with no problems changing setup.

I’ve just advanced to the actual Race but they are still missing.

Hope this helps.

Resolved - I chose the sms stable preset again and it’s resolved the issue, all options are back to normal.

Also after quitting and rebooting the game the options were still missing, only selecting the saved setup resolved the problem

14-12-2017, 14:59
OK, it's known and already fixed, coming in patch 4.0.