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16-12-2017, 03:39
I cannot feel the kerbs using a Fanatec wheel.
I know the kerbs are there, I can feel the FF if I use a DS4 controller.

Here is my rig:
PS4 Pro
Fanatec GT2 wheel
Clubsport pedals
Drive Hub
(no kerb feel in either “Fanalogic” or “Fanatec” modes)
The wheel and Drive Hub have most current firmware.

PCars2 has the most current patch 3.01
I have tried all sorts of settings and combinations, but nothing works.
It’s like half the experience is missing.

16-12-2017, 23:49
I can now feel the kerbs after the 3.01 patch. But they still seem weak to me. I have a drive hub and csw v2. I prefer the fantatec F mode on the hub. Generally the ffb feels improved. I use these settings: flavor raw. The other flavors never worked that well for me. gain 90-95, volume 40-50, tone 50-60, fx 100. Then use the wheel's on board setting menu to set overall FFB strentgh.

Map buttons on the wheel for +/- tone and volume so you adjust while driving. You can now see the values over the clipping display lower left - thx SMS! Drive a track with elevation and other changes to feel suspension compression and unload etc. I like Sonoma or Watkins glen. Some like knockhill

Lower overall gain to avoid clipping- red bar on the right. Hope this helps.

17-12-2017, 01:33
Thanks Rs60....
I will give your suggestions a try.
I did not know you can map the ff tone and volume.
Stay tuned!

17-12-2017, 23:40
Tried some other combinations - lower gain, higher wheel or higher volume to see if the fx was more prevalent. But no something still broken there. Kerbs are there but very faint. At 100 fx you should really feel it. From trail cam you can see the car oscillating but not feel much of anything over kerbs.