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16-12-2017, 13:26
Super Trofeo career, Nürburgring GP. Light rain in practice session. I have AI on 45, usually ok for me. In practice I did 2:09, think I was third with that time. Qualification is in Rain, and I've done 2:18 at best. AI is between 2:10-2:15, so I'm waaaaay of pace. Car skids around, very little grip when accelerating and turning. Even though I try to feather the throttle (I'm on controller). I'm sure I have a lot to learn about driving technique in rain too, but if there's a way to get better grip/control/stability in the car, I'd be happy.

I've tried different tyre pressures (obvioulsy I'm on wet tyres), I can get it to around 1.7 bar after a few laps. Brakes are ok, around 300 C. Tyre temps around 30-35. Since I feel I can't push the car, I'm coasting a lot and thus not really pushing the tyres at all.

Braking is ok, but generallt the car is unstable, mainly when trying to accelerate in mid corner/exits, feathering the throttle (at least I try to).

I know almost nothing about tuning, so please help :)
Some of the things I've done may be counterproductive; I'm stabbing in the dark.

Raised rear downforce from 8 to 9
Lowered (and increased) tyre pressures (what should I aim for as hot presssure with wet tyres?)
Smaller duct openings (helps with brake temp?)
Decreased camber from -3 to -2.5 front, and to -2,9 rear.
Decreased steering ratio from 12.5:1 to 11.5:1
Toein front:0.0, rear 0.4
ARB front 100, rear 60
spring rate front: 206, rear 230
Engine braking 4
Traction control 7
ABS 80
Clutch lsd on
Preload 80
Power ramp 40
Coast ramp 20
Viscous lsd on (seemed to help in practice, not quite sure what it does :))
Viscous lock 300

Thankful for any advice!

Y22 Rydr
16-12-2017, 16:33
I have had similar experiences with all races for that series (Algarve, Road America, Nurburgring GP, and Watkins Glen GP). It seems like there is less grip during the race than there is during the practice or qualifying sessions. The ambient and track temperatures don't vary more than a degree or 2 so I don't think that is the problem. I also noticed during race that the grip drops. My tires show less than 5% wear.

2010 Synergy Camaro
16-12-2017, 20:46
The front and rear rebound on the super trofeo seems pretty stiff. Try lowering the front rebound to 14500 and the rear rebound to 16000. Just a thought and I hope this helps a little for you.

16-12-2017, 21:07
Thanks, I'll try that!

Just did the race! Massive fun! :) A few thoughts though:

Are wet tyres optimal temp around 90 C?

AI qualification pace seemed too quick, compared to race. I think pole was 2:10 (in rain). In the rain part of the race, AI's fastest was probably around 2:17?

The race starts in rain. Right away I notice that the brakes are supposed to be way hotter, like 550 C. And the wet tyres are ca 90 C. Much easier to drive in the race than quali. Well, a little easier at least :) I went wide, and spun, and restarted the race. Closed the brake ducts a lot more, and went again. This time I could keep the brake temps hotter. Avoided T1 chaos, then started working my way up. Outbraked a few guys the first lap, and was able to push more than in quali. No problem keeping up with the race pace in the rain. A few tricky corners gripwise, but ok. AI pace was around 2:19-2:20, muuch slower than their quali times (2:10-2:15). Then the rain stopped, and the track started drying. Really cool experience, very obvious that the sunny parts dried a lot quicker! Setting sun, beatiful (drying) track, intense racing, just wow! In the end I managed 10th place, with fastest lap of the race: 2:13.000. AI's fastest lap was 2:14.031. Second fastest AI was 2:15.094.
Tyre temps were dropping fast (30-40 C) in the rain, then I could get them up around 50-60 C on the drying track.

Overall, in the words of Montgomery Burns: Excellent!