View Full Version : After 3.0 Pit Strategies

Dynomight Motorsports
16-12-2017, 15:55
I'm still seeing an issue with pressures not being correct on pre-saved Pit Strategies. At some point I'll open up one I've saved in a previous session and its at 1.10 bars and other points I open it and its at 2.58 bars. Also with the improvement to the Setup Menu adding PSI instead of BAR makes it difficult to adjust pressures on a Pit Strategy. Most time's if you are in a multi-player race where you HAVE to Change tires, you have 2 minutes to create a new pit strategy, It's usually the only way you can get the correct BAR/PSI conversion in as little time as possible.

Just my two cents, Hope this is addressed in a future update.

PS. Also wouldn't be bad if SMS could create Macro's for Pit Selections: Allow us to put 4 pit strategies in a programmable Button Macro and we can select, as it is sometimes very hard to go through the ICM and maintain good lap times.