View Full Version : Occasional loss of FFB TX458 Wheel Online Private Multiplayer racing

Mark Race
22-12-2017, 11:31
Racing nightly in private multiplayer we've been experiencing intermittent reduction and sometimes total loss of FFB on the Thrustmaster TX458 wheels (all updated to latest Firmware).

I'll do my best to be as clear as possible on when this has occurred, which cars and tracks etc.

- Only experienced in private multiplayer with between 6-12 players, no AI
- TX458 wheel (all v51 firmware) only seems to be affected, Logitech G920 in the same races was working as usual.
- Dry and clear weather when the problems occurred on all occasions.

Car and track combinations and description of what happened in FFB (all players using the same car, authentic assists only, no damage, penalties on).

- McLaren 650S GT3 at Red Bull Ring, total loss of FFB on my TX but the steering still worked, other TX players experienced exceptionally heavy FFB.
- BMW 320TC at Brands Hatch, total loss of FFB for one TX user, all others reported no issues.
- Toyota Gt86 GT4 at Sonoma, almost no FFB weight until hitting kerbs when wheel weight slowly returned over several corners.
- Corvette C7.R at Road America, the strangest of all. Initial wheel weight was about half normal and dropped away to almost zero over the first lap, then individual players began to regain wheel weight ofer the next 2 laps, full wheel weight was restored for the final 3 laps.
- Ginetta GT4 at Algarve, about 25% of wheel weight at lights out and slowly returned to 50% over the course of the race.

These are just 5 of more than 30 races we've run recently so most of the time FFB weight is good on the TX, sometimes it is a little lighter than in single player and testing but generally for the majority of the time the wheel works well. When the FFB does disappear though it makes the game extremely difficult to play, having to rely only on graphics and tyre sounds to get any sense of what is happening underneath the car.

Throughout all these issues the internet connections were rock solid and stable and the net code great for close accurate racing so I don't think internet conditions were the issue.

We'd be grateful if the team could take a look at this because this minor issue aside we are having a lot of fun with PCARS2 private racing and it is by far the best online racing game of the current generation of games.