View Full Version : Online Championship Thoughts/Feature Requests

22-12-2017, 15:08
Some friends and I that regularly run and participate in league races in other sims tried out the new Online Championships in PC2 and found the experience somewhat frustrating. My list of issues/requests in no particular order:

- need the ability to add/sub drivers - it's pretty common for us to have substitute drivers participate in league races when people cannot make it that week due to other commitments. in the current model there's no way to add drivers or have driver subs

- need the ability to skip ahead to the next session, especially practice to qually

- I got disconnected right before qually and was not able to join back into the live qually session, even though I was the admin. my only option was to start a new lobby, which is kinda pointless as everyone else was already qualifying. drivers should be allowed to join up to the moment the race starts, and probably even after that, even if it's just to spectate/direct/broadcast.

- after I got disconnected right before qually we had everyone jump out of the session so I could restart it. when I got back into the online championship menu to fire it up my sessions for the evening had been reverted to an older version. it's almost like the servers had pulled my session definition from a backup that was at least 1 day old, as I had adjusted the session info for that day the previous evening.

- When we moved from practice to qually many drivers (myself included) were no longer able to load the setups we were just using and had to make new ones

- During qually escaping to the pits appeared to revert my setup back to some default, so I would need to enter the setups screen for it to remember I had specified a qually setup.

I look forward to online championships getting better with future updates, but for now it doesn't seem very usable/friendly and I suppose we're back to lobbies with passwords for league events.