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Atak Kat
23-12-2017, 07:12
Maybe I have missed another thread or bug report on this....

But I am sure there is some sort of issue to display the correct track/laps/weather/car whenever you are in the 2nd or 3rd race in the same lobby.
After first race is done, lobby owner can change track or conditions, etc. I know. That's fine. But it does NOT show on my screen that it's changed. It is so annoying to see the countdown to the last second and then all of a sudden the next screen comes up with a completely different track. Ive also had it completely change the car. SURPRISE MF! 20 laps of green hell in a raging storm at 2am with ice! I don't believe it's a last second change by the lobby owner. I'm convinced its just not updating on my screen.

Am I alone here? (Sorry if this has been discussed to death somewhere and I didn't find it)

23-12-2017, 07:50
Same here... I just think we have to wait for next patch...

24-12-2017, 13:21
Same on the Xbox.

24-12-2017, 19:19
Known issue.


24-12-2017, 19:28
merry xmas

24-12-2017, 22:48
same for me on xb1, same bug