View Full Version : http://projectcarssetups.eu still viable for project cars 2?

23-12-2017, 07:47
Hello Forum,

i buyed yesterday pc cars, and what should i say, it's fantastic with the oculus headset.

But iam an an real beginner, so i need help with my carsetups.

I started my 1st career with the Ginetetta Junior League, and i have absolut no clue about the car setup at the moment.

Try to read forums, but in that timeframe that i have at the moment, i must drive :)

i didnt found an setup side for Project Cras 2, so my question, can i use the settings from Project CARS Setup Database for PC Cars2 as guidline?

Thx for help and tips. Maybe there is another side for Project Cras 2, but i didnt found it.


23-12-2017, 07:56
Set-ups of pC1 and pC2 are not compatible. The general direction of a set-up should still work, but not the exact numbers.

23-12-2017, 08:06

23-12-2017, 10:26
If you really don't know anything about car setups try out the ingame car engineer.
He'll teach you the most basic stuff and help you adjust your car to your liking.