View Full Version : Are penalties not visible when not using the hud?

Major Epidemic
23-12-2017, 14:50
I usually race with no hud visible, and in the last few races I have finished the race with time penalties. I am fairly sure if you are racing with no hud there is no indication that you need to slow down or will incur a penalty and the race engineer doesn't say anything. In the last race i had a hard fought battle for 1st and don't remember leaving the track or cutting any corners, but at the end I received a 36 second penalty, leaving me last. No warnings or radio messages. Can someone else test this for me please in case it's just my customised hud setup?

23-12-2017, 15:50
I like to race with no HUD as well, and to see penalties and warnings I have removed all the HUD widgets from one of the regular HUD views.

As you say penalties are not visible when the HUD is off.

Major Epidemic
23-12-2017, 21:14
Ah. Thanks for confirming that. Good idea to adjust regular hud. It would be nice if the race engineer told you as well. I thought I remembered him doing that in a past version. Maybe this could get added in a later patch.