View Full Version : Car selection in Online Lobby still doesn't behave

Ole W
23-12-2017, 17:33
I'm fully aware of the bug where we couldn't choose a new car after having raced once in another. I don't know if the issue got solved in the latest patch 3, but I just experienced another issue for which the solution was to restart the lobby. In this case one of my friends found himself stuck with the Ginetta GT4 in which we had raced previously while the car had been changed by the host into the Formula C car. No change of track or whatever were able to fix this. We then changed the car to any from the GT1 Class, but that didn't solve the problem either. Only when we restarted the lobby did this problem go away. We have not been able to recreate this error.

Ole W
23-12-2017, 17:36
Here's a few screenshots:

Ole W
23-12-2017, 17:40
This might be a one-off error but maybe the Devs may find this useful.