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24-12-2017, 07:28
Hi all, I open this new T300/PS4 ffb thread to discuss about the settings after patch 3.x. Now we have a really better FFB than previously, it could be a nice thing to share our new settings and impressions.

I'm currently using RAW 75 40 60 50. I found it working well with various cars, especially GrA, GrB and touring cars. The brake feeling is there with those cars. What I like with RAW is that there is no autoscale, I can feel immediately what is goin on while moving the sliders.

But I'm curious to know what other players (Fydo, Bradleyland & Co...) are running now, after patch 3. For me FFB is the main thing to master before fully enjoying the game, so it worth the discussion ;-)

28-12-2017, 23:16
Finally it seems that it doesn't worth the discussion...:( Nobody has something to say or to share on the FFB subject post patch 3 ? Maybe it's in a n other thread and I missed it ?

Tonight I came back to Informative 75 38 60 40 and it's very nice too !

29-12-2017, 09:50
I still haven’t changed from ages ago

75, 28, 60, 30 informative

29-12-2017, 15:15
Flavor: Raw
Gain: 100
Volume: 75
Tone: 40
FX: 20

29-12-2017, 23:45
Thanks for sharing guys.
@Jbpd : you haven't change your settings but the ffb of the game has changed since patch 3, no ? Maybe not so much, I don't know, it's too much subjective.

30-12-2017, 07:18
I still think i am missing some more feeling of the car but for now: RAW 65 / 35 / 55 / 40

30-12-2017, 09:25
I am using

right now and it is quite good. Not the best FFB but at least the wheel is not overheating, like it does in informative.

30-12-2017, 12:07
What I'm looking for is a more realistic feel like a real cars wheel. I would like to have weight/resistance to the wheel, but keep the fighting with the wheel to a minimum. I'd still like to get the info for slip and road bumps but in a subtle way. Any ideas how to accomplish this? The current explanations for the walues are still just gibberish to me.

30-12-2017, 22:17
I tried again a lot of FFB settings, and for me Jbpd's is the closest of what I like. I now run a little tweak of this, INFO 75 33 60 30 (but maybe I will also lower FX TO 20)

Talking of the FFB, what is now "sure" for me is that gain must be lowered around 75, tone sticked to 60 (personal taste), volume between 28 and 35, FX between 20 and 40.

I think RAW is better for RX than INFO

What I don't like with INFO is that every time you change of car (very often) you have to drive some laps with a strange FFB while the autotune is doing his job. Jumping from the Renault 5 to the BMW 320 Touring, you have 3 laps of clipping FFB before being able to enjoy the car. If you do the reverse, jumping from the BMW to The R5, you have 3 boring laps with very weak ffb before enjoying, again.

If the autotune works every time you change car, can we be sure to drive the same car with the exact same ffb from one cession to another ? Not sure...

31-12-2017, 08:01
I haven’t been on the forums for a while as been happily playing the game, so not aware if the ffb changed after patch 3.

31-12-2017, 16:14
I haven’t been on the forums for a while as been happily playing the game, so not aware if the ffb changed after patch 3.

Now the FFB is pretty good with a lot of different settings, before the window to have a descent FFB was far narrow. And it's more consistent from car to car than previously. That's only my personal experience, I didn't read a lot of things about that neither. And maybe it's patch 2 changes , not 3 ;-)

Edit : and maybe it's only the better car setups made by sms...