View Full Version : Lmp2 setup advice for Le Mans

25-12-2017, 17:22
Hi guys

I need some advice on how to get the best out af the lmp2 on Le man.

Best time yet is 3.52.8 and top speed 279 km/h can anyone point me in the 300 km/h direction?

I have tried some different stuff DF settings, gears and so on, nothing really gets me further.

We have a Christmas race on Wednesday.

Merry Christmas


25-12-2017, 19:40
You won't get much quicker than 280, since LMPs have very high downforce to play with, and does not suit for straight line speed.

Try less aero (obviously), a bit less camber, what really worked for me, on GT cars, was a little higher ride height and much softer springs.

26-12-2017, 06:31
Increase tire pressure to ~1.9 bar hot.
Reduce brake ducts.
0 wings, 0 toe. ~ -2 camber.
<5mm rake.
Increase ride height to maintain ground clearance.
You'll get >280.