View Full Version : Question about XITE Autosport International Rallycross event , Joker or not Joker ???

26-12-2017, 22:52
hi all ,
i m not so good in english , so exuse me if it s bad , so , i did event and see 18 first Ghost at ranking , but i see they take joker in their run , so i ask me ( and you ) :-) before do that ...
now i m 22 ( name : TeamCrevette ) on this , but it s not the probleme , i m sure better pilots do better times in future , i just want to know if take Joker on run is alowed ?
best time for me is Top grinder ... he do all of the lap , same me and others right pilots :-)
i think 18 first pilots must be disqualified , no ?

and i would say very very big thank you for this pure simulation to SMS and developpers , early member on project cars 1 i was disagree , but whit this open , you did the best simulation in wrx and rally cars for me .
Dlc fun pack( i buyed season pack at begin ) was just i was waiting so THANK YOU for my christmas presents and for all the event RX you made :)

Údit : nobody can say ??? it s a joke....R !!! LOL