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27-12-2017, 17:22
We are a bunch of guys based in the UK that race long haul races every wednesday night. "FOR PS4 ONLY"
we meet through a private facebook page and all have votes on cars tracks etc, And placed into teams with usually 5 races per championship.
Details below ;

TYPE OF CHAMPIONSHIP - Team and drivers championships.

TYPES OF CAR - EDC Championship is open to clean drivers using race class cars only.

TYRES - All tyre will be in use.

DRIVER DISCIPLINE - Penalties will be set to the lower level but will be turned on.

RACE STOPPAGES - Races will be stopped if someone disconnects/control pad dies etc within the first 25% race distance, if disconnecting after that time the race will not be restarted. Races will be stopped if we are all idiots and start on slicks and rain tyre are needed. Races will be stopped if there is a shunt at the start of the race which is deemed to have ruined the race. Races will restart at FULL race distance. (to be confirmed)

FALSE STARTS - Competitors judged to have made a false start will have a penalty applied, the race will NOT restart due to false starts.

TESTING - Testing is unrestricted, so spend as long as you like setting your car up, set ups must be shared with your team mate.

RACE FORMAT - All EDC meetings feature one round. All races commence with a standing start off the grid or a double file rolling start. Pitstops are mandatory: each race is a straight sprint race to the chequered flag, not time trials or drift events.

FREE PRACTICE - EDC begins with free practice until all drivers are in the lobby. the room will then be reset to wipe times

STARTING GRIDS - Races will start with either a standing grid start or a rolling double file start, please be careful not to get caught up in an accident off of the start line.

CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS SYSTEM - Points are awarded in every race and all rounds are counted. There is one title to be won, Drivers Championship. In each race, the following points are awarded to classified finishers:

1st - 16 points

2nd - 15

3rd - 14

4th - 13

5th - 12

6th - 11

7th - 10

8th - 9

9th - 8

10th - 7

11th - 6

12th - 5

13th - 4

14th - 3

15th - 2

16th - 1

Group Type
Group Type

We are a friendly bunch of guys that all race clean and have a great laugh too.
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