View Full Version : Have an issue about weather slots on DS settings

28-12-2017, 11:25
My weather settings on server.cfg file as;

"PracticeWeatherProgression" : 1,
"PracticeWeatherSlots" : 2,
"PracticeWeatherSlot1" : 888299130,
"PracticeWeatherSlot2" : 129238383,
"PracticeWeatherSlot3" : 129238383,
"PracticeWeatherSlot4" : 129238383,
"QualifyDateProgression" : 25,
"QualifyWeatherProgression" : 1,
"QualifyWeatherSlots" : 1,
"QualifyWeatherSlot1" : 888299130,
"QualifyWeatherSlot2" : 129238383,
"QualifyWeatherSlot3" : 129238383,
"QualifyWeatherSlot4" : 129238383,
"RaceWeatherProgression" : 1,
"RaceWeatherSlots" : 2,
"RaceWeatherSlot1" : 888299130,
"RaceWeatherSlot2" : 129238383,
"RaceWeatherSlot3" : -934211870,
"RaceWeatherSlot4" : -934211870,

When i joined server i see weather settings are "ok" according server settings. check the image below

but if i start to session, it switches to "real weather" settings.. I checked the details and found this on details screen.

So what i want? I want to use weather slots on race not real weather! I found a way to do this as change controlGameSetup : true and do it as manually. But i want to do that automatically not manually.

any advices please?? thanks

30-12-2017, 15:39
anyone?? admins? mods??

30-12-2017, 18:37
controlGameSetup : true Or the server will take settings from the first client who joins, and apply client settings. Finding the correct settings for the weather and time progression is also a challenge, since SMS could not be bothered to document what value does which setting.

More information can be found in this thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?56669-Dedicated-Server-Configuration-Sample-FIXED-Time-Weather-MultiClass!-11-2-17)

31-12-2017, 17:16
controlGameSetup : true. yeah its already true. But it doesn't work

31-12-2017, 18:25
It does work, you have find out which value is for RaceDateProgression, according to the ServerTypes.pdf valid values are 1~60. You currently are not listing what you have yours set to, if any parameter is not defined, the server is picks a setting for you. According to that thread I linked you to, also dateprogression and weatherprogression maybe miss-matched as well.

31-12-2017, 18:37
I already picked RaceDateProgression as 25.. But this is another story. Because it doesn't work as usual.. It works only if i create a custom event myself.. After that if i go DDS i see it's 25 otherwise it stuck as "Realtime".

It's like car picking bug.. Maybe you know, if you enter a new server it picks for you last car you used before..

01-01-2018, 13:15

"RaceDateProgression" : 6,

//0-sync to race,1-real,2-2x,3-5x,4-10x,5-15x,6-20x,7-25x,8-30x,9-40x,10-50x,11-60x
"RaceWeatherProgression" : 0,

but not work

04-01-2018, 11:55
I also have the problem with the Real Weather option.

I use the lua rotate to set the wetter to clear (4 Slots). If I join the Server, the motd lua prints out my settings : clear -> clear -> clear -> clear. But the options screen in the lobby displays real weather.

Any idea guys?