View Full Version : Antivirus crashed my game, my savegamem, and RESET my online license!?!?!?

28-12-2017, 15:25
Today, my Bitdefender Antivirus decided to trash everything. Put the pcars2.exe on quarantine, and also all the savegames, setups, configs..

Ok. reinstall game, made exceptions on antivirus for various game dir and exe...

Plain new game, apart for graphic config all is deleted.

But. THE LICENSE!?!?!?!!?!?

License isn't stored online? Now the game says i'm U1500?!?! I was A1778, and running with a pro team for WORLD TIME ATTACK!

Tried to race online, too see if license get corrected... now i'm U1505 after a race?

It's the first time a saw a thing like this. If my license was trashed, i cannot even race with my team, and lost 3 months of sweating efforts?!

Mad Al
28-12-2017, 15:33
Err.. if you AV quarantined files, tell the ******* thing to put them back...

And yes your license is stored online. Otherwise mine wouldn't get updated when I use different machines (and that's without having Steam cloud backup on)

28-12-2017, 15:35
I know all! I told to put all back, but, the game overwrote all at first start!
But the license doesn't come back! i'm 1505 now !?!!?

28-12-2017, 16:11
no backup, no mercy ;)

28-12-2017, 16:36

SMS, are u kidding me?

28-12-2017, 18:18
Maybe i can menage to backup it. ( that's is like an hack?! )
reverted back to a previous savegame ( yesterday ) and made a backup. cancel all savegame data, run game without steam cloud, let's the game create savegame dir. Restore my data from yesterday, go on game without steam cloud. made a race, gain some points, exit, activate steam cloud, reenter game, save setting.. exit.
Now i'm back to 1775. fiuuu. ( well yesterday i was 1778 ) let s see if game doesn't make any other black magic.

this could be a hack for people who lost huge points, make my steps above and revert to better situation!

28-12-2017, 20:20
this could be a hack for people who lost huge points, make my steps above and revert to better situation!
You do know that your asking to break your 'fix'? ;) I think it's better this way. If things get too locked down people get mad, just like you were before you fixed your problem. Yeah people might abuse it, good luck to them. I hope they can still look in the mirror after doing that.

28-12-2017, 21:57
Yes, it could be a hack, but saved my license. So, basically, i found a critical bug in ONLINE license storage ( license reset due antivirus quarantine files and deny dir permissions ) and a hack at same time. Cure bug, cure hack.

28-12-2017, 22:09
A cure would also be to only not allow you to use a previous one via some magic check. So one(preventing a hack) isn't the same as the other(preventing progression loss), that's what I was trying to say. Although they could be solved in the same bit of code. But you don't know that that's going to happen. :)

Anyway there is another thread on this, so you aren't the first to notice. :)

29-12-2017, 00:49
Probably more like your AV blocked Steam cloud from downloading your stats, could happen if the game gets flagged as a problem.