View Full Version : Please help me find best setting for Dual Shock 4 (motion sensor).

28-12-2017, 22:22

Motion sensor is most precise steering way for Dual Shock 4 controller on Play Station 4 (in Gran Turismo Sport is works like a charm), unfortunately, Slightly Mad Studio did not provide default setting configuration for motion sensor steering :( .

So far I found most of the setting by "trail and error" method.

Steering deadzone: 1
I set it to "1" to keep car straight on straight lines. "0" feels slightly twitchy on straight lines. Above "1" feels too much dead-zone in middle of the steering.

Steering sensitivity: 50
It must be always on "50" to provide 1:1 steering ratio with controller!

Speed sensitivity ~85
Below "~70" feels too twitchy and above "~90" feels that car does not turn enough at higher speeds. It is most important setting but it is really hard to find sweet spot. "~85" is a good start point and feels not bad but "not bad" does not fully utilize a huge potential of Project Cars 2 and DS4 controller and is not enough when we talking about be precise in making fastest laps. Changing values up or down gives a lot of placebo. Because find exact number is so difficult It would be fantastic if somebody from Slightly Mad Studio could provide this value from mathematics formula or eventually I'd like to ask you for help with "trail and error" method.

Damper saturation: 0
Setting for steering wheel only but keep it on "0".

Controller damping: 0
I set it on "0" because if I good understand controller damping slow down turning so means add input lag.

(other settings does not make any diferences for steering)

I would be very greatful if I could get answer from SMS with exact values.
Thank you.

03-01-2018, 07:12
I'd be interested in more input for this as well.

Right now I think I have the deadzone to 0 and the steering sensitivity to 69 I believe - but thats left over from steering with the stick of the controller. I don't know what the other settings are set at right now. I can reasonably steer a car around a course, but its better, faster and easier still to do it with the control stick. maybe its just practice.

Also - maybe have a look here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55489-Suggestions-for-further-improving-controller-support-(both-PS4-and-XBox-One)&p=1399418&viewfull=1#post1399418