View Full Version : [PS4] Online Championship - PSN friends invitation

29-12-2017, 12:15
I've set up a small championship to try all the new features (auto lobby, auto invite, speaker-director, livery selection...) and I'm having problem inviting friends.
The list of friends in the game is a small part of my 403 friends, I can invite people that doesn't have the game or doesn't have a SMS profile but I can't invite all my sim racing team friends, some are there others are not.
Did some of you have this issue on PS4?

PSN ID: Nick_kang

29-01-2018, 19:05
I have the same issues. Not whole friendlist is showing. So i cant add them to the driver roster.

31-01-2018, 06:09
Yes, I counted them: Ingame, you can only select 100 PSN friends. And they are quite a random selection of your friend list. I had to delete a couple of friends to start an online championship with the ones I wanted. Therefore, it would be great if the ingame list could be expanded...I'm not sure though whether it's a Sony resctriction or not!?