View Full Version : Lobby lag alternative suggestions

29-12-2017, 13:35
I'm not going to be the millionth person complaining about the online lobby lag. I understand this is a very difficult issue to resolve, otherwise it would have been fixed already.

But instead of only trying to eliminate the issue completely, is there maybe other options you could introduce?

Suggestion 1:
While these issues are unresolved, can you give the host the option to not allow people to join during qualifying, so other can only spectate?

Suggestion 2:
I understand the lag is caused by loading or unloading resources when someone joins or leaves, but why is it necessary to unload the resources? Maybe this unloading can be delayed (in qualifying) until the user is in the pits? Or maybe not unload the resources at all?

Suggestion 3:
As the loading of the resources is the cause, could there maybe a different option, to instead of loading the actual car and livery for that late-joining user, re-use already loaded resources from a user that's already in the session?

Now i am not a game developer, so i have no clue how realistic these suggestions are, but i thought it couldn't hurt throwing these out there.