View Full Version : Is MoteC support a future possibility?

30-12-2017, 23:43
I just found an old pCars1 thread discussing MoteC telemetry.
I had hoped that pCars2 did either support MoteC or someone had created a plugin able to convert the telemetry output from pCars2 to the MoteC format.:cool:

Such a 3rd party converter is existing for both iRacing and rF2 and was officially integrated in GTR/GTR2.

Theoretically the MoteC company could sue such 3rd party converters (because the core MoteC program itself is a free download) but in reality they do not probably because they consider it as better publicity that thousands of sim racers get to know how advanced this profesional telemetry software is.
The latest news is that the company developing rF2 (Studio 397) has announced that they plan to integrate the MoteC telemetry format directly in their sim (= no need for 3rd party converter).


31-12-2017, 20:11
It was requested during development but was not in scope for PC2. If there is a PC3, maybe then but a 3rd party converter (if possible) would be needed for the foreseeable future of PC2.

01-01-2018, 14:53
Yeah you are probably right.
But I have to admit that something like this lack of telemetry interface makes my conclude that pCars2 is more just a game than a racing sim.
Such kind of assesment is probably also behind Studio 397īs decision to directly implement such a feature in a near(?) future build of rF2. :cool:

I have to say that Im not completely unbiased in this area because when I was young I was driving RL FF1600 for a few years and me and my different mechanics had a really good time (and probably advantages :D ) building different telemetry sensors into the chassis and engine and then using MoteC to analyze the data gained - to try to understand what the little openwheeler was doing on the track.:D

03-01-2018, 09:22
I really miss using motec to analyze the telemetry from my old RF1 days about 10 years ago. I really wish someone could create a motec plugin for pCars2, but from what I have heard the pCars2 API needs more work before all of the telemetry data for all required sensors would be available from pCars2 anyway.

03-01-2018, 15:22
At least Im glad to hear Im not the only one missing this rather professionel feature.
Both in iRacing and rF2 I have enjoyed myself creating socalled MoteC projects to analyze the data outputs from these sims.

By the way. At the moment Im having some correspondence with one of the R3Es devs who some way or another is interested in my info to him that the Studio devs for rF2 are working on a direct implementation of a MoteC data output.;)

05-01-2018, 02:38
Here's a video I did 10 years ago to help some league members out using MoTeC on rFactor 1. Sorry for the poor commentary and poor resolution (was made before Youtube really took off and recording was poor quality), but it will give people an idea of what can be done with MoTeC software if they haven't used it before. I'd love to be able to do this stuff again with pCars 2.