View Full Version : What liveries do you want to see in-game?

02-01-2018, 18:08
As the title says,which liveries do you want to see in-game?

*I know it should be which in the title but I decided to make the title spas close to the car and track threads

02-01-2018, 18:10
#47 KCMG ORECA 03 from the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship

*I know the livery ran on the 03R but if can be transferred like the IDEC Sport JSP2 already in the game

02-01-2018, 18:33
The Shift 2 Unleashed livery that Team Schubert ran on their Z4 would be nice. The wireframe fluorescence was a nice touch. I think they also ran a black version of it as well. I can't seem to find many pictures of it at night.

Even though we don't have the Acura ARX-02 in game I wouldn't mind seeing the #66 deFerran Motorsports livery because it's Gil DeFerran's fault I'm such a motorsport fan.
The Jim Hall Tribute livery is nice and clean as well

And lastly the ESM Tequila Patron #01 Ultimat Vodka livery made to fit the 488

02-01-2018, 19:12
As many real paints as possible. It seems there are only a few for certain cars at this point. I would like to see many more. Please :)