View Full Version : [SOLVED] If I create a multiplayer lobby...

02-01-2018, 20:25
... do I host with my own connection? Because it seems that when a host quits, other players have command, which suggests to me that the host (server) is SMS's.

Could someone clarify this for me?


02-01-2018, 20:42
Normal hosting is a peer-to-peer model. One person is the main (host) if you will, but all players synchronize to each other (so there technically isn't a centralized server).

With a Dedicated Server, then that would mean all players synchronize with a single server.

02-01-2018, 20:49
Thanks! So I guess it's OK to host a race with my slow 65 KB/s (upload, 10 Mbit/s download) connection? Or would that be a problem?
On other sims that would be a problem because I'd have to handle every single racer.


02-01-2018, 20:54
Hosting in the normal peer-to-peer model won't be any different than you just participating. For some more information on the different models, here's a post a made a while back:


02-01-2018, 20:57
Thank you, Mahjik, you've been very helpful. I'd buy you a beer if you lived near me :P

Have a good night!