View Full Version : Visual Split HUD not updating in multiplayer

02-01-2018, 21:26
While playing on some multiplayer sessions my visual splits HUD isnít displaying correctly.
Iíve mapped the Visual Spilt HUD to a key on my keyboard and can display the Visual Split no problem. The issue comes in some sessions where, no matter how many laps I do, the Visual spilt doesnt update as it should. Rather than giving me a live reading of how my lap is comparing, it stays static - only updating at the end of the sector.

Any ideas on a fix? Doesnít happen in offline modes or in all online sessions - seems to be random. Help would be appreciated 😄👍🏻

02-01-2018, 21:37
I experience this problem too!

03-01-2018, 13:29
I get this on PC, but not on Xbox.