View Full Version : Arm-angle setting does what?

02-01-2018, 23:31
Couldn't search for "arm" evidently do to search engine requirements needing more than 3 characters?

Anyway, have settings for my Thrustmaster TMX wheel finally set where I can drive (almost) any car w/o having to change anything including spindle or sop defaults EXCEPT arm angles! Some cars are fine with default settings but some really make a big difference changing to zero or even negative numbers if available!

To the life of me I can't put my finger on the concept or relationship of the function. Any clues? It seems to (for some cars) lighten or stiffen steering effect or maybe lighten or stiffen "feel return response" or something?

Seems the hotter the car, the less you want with this setting but haven't a clue why... :confused:

03-01-2018, 01:42
It's the angle of the connection from the steering axis to the steering arm tie rod end, with 0 being directly aft. It's related to the Ackerman percentage.

03-01-2018, 07:13
So it only effects FFB feel from change in steering geometry in turns? Interesting! From what I gleaned off a google search that with the right setting you'd get the least tire drag in turns then?

That would explain the light vs heavy effects to some extent I guess but not the slop change in the "clamping" force I'm feel around center? That's the value that I'd like to set and is different with each car.