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03-01-2018, 18:09
Could SMS please make lobbies with random failures enabled a different colour or something so that those of us who are sane don't accidentally join them without noticing.

It's absolute garbage losing a race because the game logic decided to give you a 40sec pitstop to fix an imaginary electrical problem, when everyone else is just changing tires.

03-01-2018, 19:39
The game tells you if mechanical failures are turned on or off when you join a lobby.

03-01-2018, 20:52
The game tells you if mechanical failures are turned on or off when you join a lobby.
Sure, but it's easy to miss in the rush to get into a lobby that's in qualifying. There are a few other rarely-used settings that are similar. Just reckon they could be made to stand out a bit more prominently as a matter of good UI design. Especially when it's such a garbage feature in the first place.

Plus, I needed to vent :)

03-01-2018, 21:36
No worries, I know the feeling XD I found out the hard way about mechanical failures aswell, since then I always check before joining a lobby.

03-01-2018, 23:17
But thats different settings, I guess.

Mechanical failures: Being able to blow your engine due to overheating / engine takes procedural damage over time, but never enough to blow it within a few minutes of racing.
Pit stop errors: Having issues like a tyre that won't get off your car, hence the pit is taking longer than expected.

After 250 hours of racing in this game I never had a random blowing engine or anything else. The engine automatically wears over time. Only two times I can remember that a tyre won't get off my car during pit stop, so i lost a few seconds.
Not a single randomly blown engine. If a engine blew, then I was suffering radiator damage, e. g. when accidentally bumping someone from behind. However, in the latest patch this has been tweaked, so now it is almost impossible to blow your engine up. You always have enough time to get back to pits in order to get your radiator fixed. And then you still don't have to repair the engine, even if it got like 90% of damage. AFAIK there is no power loss, so you're not going to be slower. And with tha average multiplayer race lasting 10-15 minutes, 10% remaining engine health is more than enough to complete the race. But again, since the latest patch you need serious radiator damage in order to overheat your engine, so when it overheats, shift a little earlier and it should last the race even without any repairs in the pits.

And also you can use the in car menu or pre-defined pit strategies to decide whether or not to repair any damage.
- No repair
- Aerodynamic repairs (includes your broken radiator, so no engine overheating, however NO engine/suspension repairs)
- mechanical repairs (repairs engine, suspension etc)
- Full repairs (repairs everything, aero, radiator, engine and suspension)

If you still don't like it, just take 2 seconds when joining a lobby and check whether mechanical failures and pit stop errors are off. Otherwise disable repairs entirely when pitting.
Which is a waste of this games potential in my opinion. Racing is just not about who is fastest arounda hot lapping track. Racing is about finding the right race line, using the right tyres, making the right strategic decisions, calculating the right amount of fuel, adapting your shift points if you tend to overheat your engine/if you're short on fual. This is what makes the races exciting in the first place, if you ask me...

04-01-2018, 00:20
Racing is what excites me. Arbitrary random nonsense that loses you 40 secs because your pretend pit crew discover an electrical fault that you didn't know about until you pitted for tires isn't exciting, it's game-ruining garbage.

04-01-2018, 01:57
I like Mechanical failures and full damage..., blow engine, gearbox failures or suspension failure. When this have a well simulated curve on game, then is a fun addiction and gives the pilot power to manage all these problems in a rational way. All the rest does not bring any value to the race, especially the pit box errors. IMO.

04-01-2018, 14:31
After doing some research, it seems the Mechanical Failures option is not what causes trouble in the pits. This only causes errors when on track.
There's another option, called Pit Stop Errors which causes random errors when in the pits. Unfortunately, this option is NOT displayed when joining a server.
You can see this option while you're in the lobby and scroll through the Track settings, until you reach the 2nd Realism settings screen.



I guess I have been avoiding lobbies which I shouldn't have been avoiding xD

Edit: I see Marlborofranz already mentioned this too.

04-01-2018, 15:45
And they have a space line below of Pit Exit Penalty to put the Pit Stop Errors paragraph :)