View Full Version : Beginner guide to finding multiplayer leagues and championships?

03-01-2018, 18:30
Hi, does anybody have any info on fastest way to find leagues and online championships?

I have found and joined various custom multiplayer lobbies and races inside the games multiplayer, but was wondering if a similar list exists for where the average player can browse all listed leagues and online championships and then pick ones to participate!

I checked the multiplayer forum section and saw a few leagues mentioned, but most posts there have little activity? Is there a centralized location where most leagues are listed?

Also what is the best way to find online championships to join? Was only reading about these now, and going to check the esports tab in game once home.

Hoping to find find seasonal series info and race timings listed in a centralized location somewhat similar to IRacing? I know this is not IRacing, but it seems that it would be easy for PCars2 to have a centralized database listing of seasonal Series/leagues that would be easy for average player to find similar to IRAcing? I though that was how online championships would be? If leagues and online championships are primarily private requiring invites and searching the forums, then that will be too inefficient for the average player?

Any info or guidance would be very helpful for new players? Again I did not check the eSports tab in game yet so I'm hoping seasonal Series with weekly schedules public races are listed there? I'm specifically interested in finding weekly Rallycross races, but also interested in popular GT3, etc.

Thanks so much!

03-01-2018, 22:37
Look here: