View Full Version : Too much bouncing in GT3 car

Scott Coffey
04-01-2018, 14:07
I feel like the Audi GT3 is bouncing a bit too much. I notice it on straights, but also notice it at corner entry which causes me some problems with turn-in.

Is there a suspension setting that would help tame this? I reckon it's a damper setting but I'm lost when it comes to those. ATM, my spring and damper settings are stock, I.E. "loose" and "stable" both have the same spring/damper settings and that's what I'm using.

If I had to guess, it feels like it's the front that's bouncing.

04-01-2018, 14:21
You can use Jussi's suspension work to get the best damper settings (ps : I never understood how to use it). You can also try different tunes such as downforce, ride height, springs and bump stops.

I personally find the Audi very stable, one of the most planted GT3 cars. Try the Nissan or the C7.R, those are donking around like crazy ! At least with default settings.

It's also very track dependant, Long Beach or Zolder's first sector will definitely increase this issue.

04-01-2018, 15:39
You want to use this here calculator:


What’s happening is your car is under-damped, ie not enough damping for the springs you have on so they continue to oscillate. I’m guessing your slow damping is too low.
What you want to do is plug the current numbers in to the calculator, go higher in the bump and rebound by ~10% (roll damping rate at 3in/s). Test drive the new damping numbers.