View Full Version : E92 BMW M3 GT4 Is Fantastic!!

Urban Chaos 2.0
04-01-2018, 18:39
This car is a hell of a lot of serious fun. I made a few setup changes to bring it much closer to its OEM characteristics. Now, it feels like home. In love with this thing. Brings back everything I know about the car.

Preset: Loose

bump stop: 19mm
suspension stiffness: front 100N/mm, rear 120N/mm
steering ratio: 12:5:1
caster: 6.0 front
toe in: 0.1 front, 0.1 rear
camber: -1.1 front, -1.45 rear
ride height: 110mm front, 100mm rear
sway bars: 60Nm front, 30Nm rear
gear ratio: 3.846 final ratio
downforce: 6

04-01-2018, 19:34
I didn't try, but I remember this car being waaayyy too tail-happy, but almost perfect with the stable setup. Did you came close to this, or a complete different approach ?

04-01-2018, 19:38
I’m looking forward to trying your set up! Which track did you use to tune?

Urban Chaos 2.0
04-01-2018, 20:06
My goal was to make it feel like the E92 M3 I know and love. I feel I've achieved that. Didn't use any particular track to set this up. However, it works perfectly on the Nodschleife. The setup is quite well suited to that circuit in fact.

Note - If you haven't done so already: Remember to start from a scratch "Loose" setup, after Patch 3.0. That means: delete your old setup(s) first. Setups won't properly carry over from previous patches.

05-01-2018, 03:38
Thanks Bud! I’ll do just that.

John Hargreaves
05-01-2018, 17:50
I tried these settings, but it still felt a bit tail happy for my tastes, so I applied some of these changes to the stable setup and it felt nice and predictable. Still lively on the back end, but a bit more controlled in how it does business. Fun car indeed.

rich1e I
07-01-2018, 12:00
I tried the BMW once and I didn't like it tbh. I'll give it another go today though. Can it keep up with the other cars?

13-01-2018, 23:49
Im currently using it for the GT4 Championship,

It can be hard to configure right for some tracks because on Long beach it can understeer like a pig at speed, trying to take some of them 90 deg corners at the same speed as the ai is a nightmare.

BUT to counter this i lowered the steering ratio to 11:0:0 number to get it round the corners quicker.

It suffers at watkins glen aswell on the large U bend and then the following corner because it has no downforce at the front.

Im looking forward to the final race at Sonoma, it doesn't matter what car im in, i smash that track everytime, its a personal favourite.