View Full Version : P2P VS Dedicated Track list

08-01-2018, 20:00
I am setting up a dedicated server for a league.
Everything is working fine but I'm noticing that the list of tracks is different when you look at it in a p2p session vs. when you set it up within the dedicated server.

When I look up the Track id's in the API they are all there.
So our first race Is at Autodromo Nazionale Monza Oval Historic. The track id for that is -163046637. I added that to server cfg and when I reboot the server you see it correctly in the server list but when you enter in it changes the track to something else.
I though at first it was a conflict with the quantity of grid positions on that track. It says 22 so I tested it with a lower number and it still doesn't work.

I tried a different historic track with the same results.

Are there tracks in the dedicated that are unavailable compared to p2p or is this a fixable issue?

08-01-2018, 20:11
If servercontrolsgame is not enabled, the DS will allow the first client to connect settings to be applied otherwise.

Server setup thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?56669-Dedicated-Server-Configuration-Sample-FIXED-Time-Weather-MultiClass!-11-2-17)