View Full Version : Bugs and missing features relating to tyres, fuel and forced setups.

09-01-2018, 08:23
I think this one fits in the mix between missing feature and a bug. Plenty of race series want to run stock setups and this is such a pain in PC2 right now. The main issues are:

1. You can't select fuel load in a forced setup as it is hidden in the setups menu which is greyed out. This means that in order for the whole field to have either the same starting fuel, or allow them to choose their own fuel strategy, the whole field has to pit after the offical start and use a pitstop strategy to configure their fuel load. You then have to organise a fake restart. It just seems daft that we have to jump through hoops like this just to get a fair start to a forced setup race.

2. Forced setups don't seem to give all players the same setups, but instead seem to give them something that feels like the last of the default setups available last time you used that car. So for example if you try and race at Daytona in a Ford Fusion NASCAR but had recently loaded a road setup for that car in single player, you'd end up with that being your stock setup when joining an online race with forced setups - or something similar to it at least. Last night when qualifying for a race (one hot lap qualifying for a 300km race at Indianapolis) I utterly failed first time out as car was a mess with forced setups. I then went back to single player, loaded the "stable oval" setup, saved, and went back to qualifying and the car felt as it should again in the forced setup.

Point 1 needs to be fixed in two ways. Firstly they to make sure that when forced setups is enabled that ALL cars have the same starting fuel. Secondly we should have the option to have forced setups and allow players to choose their fuel load. Ultimately I'd like to see the option to allow us to decouple fuel and tyres from forced setup racing.

Point 2 either needs fixing by ensuring forced setups really do mean all players get the same setup, or they could even add an option to "Force use of selectable default setups". So for say Ford Fusion this would mean players could select Stable Oval or Loose Road etc.

10-01-2018, 19:52
Agree totally.
Also need more options for fuel usage and tyre wear, both faster and slower rate. Wear rate between authentic and eccel is negligible. Some tyres seem to last forever while others last 4 laps. Fuel burn on both settings is so slow that unless you are doing 100 laps there is no need to pit for fuel. The game needs the fuel and tyre burn rates as per pcars 1. I don't know why they were left out in the first place.

10-01-2018, 20:10
I agree with you, and I posted a few weeks ago same suggestions: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?58141-Post-Patch-3-0-Issue-Fixed-Setups-different-amount-of-fuel

As you said, there are two problems. One of them is a known bug: the setup received with defaults, could be different for each player (including fuel load). The second one is a design problem: the tyres and the fuel load for the race, must be in the strategy menu, instead in the setup menu. You should be able to change both things before the race, even with default setups. It's unbelievable you can select the tyre for the pit stop, but not for the race start...

The good news is that the devs, know this problem as you see in the quoted thread. Hoping it will be solved in next patch