View Full Version : Feature Suggestion : Lobby Track List

09-01-2018, 10:35
It would really improve the MP experience if a host could queue up a list of tracks that will be raced in order, rather than the current system where it's done one-at-a-time, and have the countdown timer start automatically as soon as the players are back in the lobby.

One of the problems with MP right now is that when a race finishes and we all return to the lobby, no one knows what track is coming up next or how long the host is going to take to decide and then set one up, and the result is that literally everyone just leaves straight away to find another lobby that has already launched, and there is no incentive to join a lobby with a race already in progress and wait for it to finish, even when the safety/ skill settings are to your liking. I don't believe this is how the SMS designers intended the lobby system to work, but that's what happens in reality.

Of course no one would HAVE to use this feature, but it would be great for those who would prefer more consistent lobbies and less searching, especially for those guys who spend all night jumping between GT3 or TC lobbies, which seems to be most players.

Leagues don't really cover this as they are not publicaly browsable.

09-01-2018, 13:10
There is the option of creating a online championship in wich you can make races as long or as short as you like in any weather/time setting.
Havent tried it myself, but i guess thats the only option to do this. dont know if it can be open to all like an open lobby in MP.

Leagues don't really cover this as they are not publicaly browsable.

Sorry: missed this part when i was already responding