View Full Version : Career....lets talk about it. What difficulty do you use?

09-01-2018, 18:36
Which difficulty do you guys have the AI set to, and which discipline did you start out in? I just started the career in the Formula rookie and made it out of the first tier. Now I just beat them at Catalunya. This open wheeler starter car is a blast to drive! I had the AI at 60 but found them not competitive enough, so for the Catalunya race I bumped them up to 100 which I'm guessing is right at the peak "Ace" level(?). Game is really fun without all the silly over the top fluff that comes with Forza. Just wish the career had some sort of monetary system.

09-01-2018, 19:26
So how much practice do you guys have to race at those settings?
I started in the Ginetta cup, went on to the Clio and right now im in the GR.A. Im racing on AI difficulty 40. And I struggle to place pole in the qualifying races.

09-01-2018, 19:31
you will most likely have to adjust the AI settings from race to race and series to series.
The AI also get faster as you progress in your career. so 60 in FR will be slower than 60 in FC, etc.

I started in Ginetta Jr. and usually kept the AI around 95-98 skill and 85 aggression.

09-01-2018, 19:37
I am currently at 75 difficulty and I think around 60 aggression (iirc) but they've both been going up as I'm getting better. I started in Ginetta Jr. and I'm up to GT4 currently. Yes, the F/rookie is a lot of fun and a good car to learn with.

Just wish the career had some sort of monetary system.
Why? There's nothing to spend that money on.

09-01-2018, 19:44
I used 35 difficulty for the UK Championship of Ginetta Juniors and have upped it to 40 for the UK finals.I ran at 50 aggression and skip qualifying so start last on the grid and usually run at the same pace as the AI

09-01-2018, 19:54
100AI / 75 agression. Started career at the lowest tier 6 and now have to start in Tier 2 - Opel TCR

09-01-2018, 19:58
I'm at 40 as I find that otherwise it's to hard in qualifying. However, I'm too good then for the AI in the actual race...

09-01-2018, 20:06
35 i am clearly not very good. lol.

09-01-2018, 20:07
I'm not that fast either, 30 is fine, unless I seriously practice and qualify, then 60.

My highest win is ginetta career race in scotland 60 difficulty, was super fun. Highest 1 lap vs 1 car win gt3 monza 79 difficulty. I also like to lower difficulty, have lots of oponents, skip qualifying/practice, and just have a race to 1st position, all the way from the back, with lots of full action packed overtaking. Super fun!

Endurance racing, I really have to fine tune difficulty during qualifying to my preference, setting stable lap times and then tuning ai to match in that in the middle of that pack, cause a long race, you dont want it to be too easy, but not too hard either. I love Silverstone GP endurance racing, love it. Sometimes I even set up 120 difficulty Silverstone endurance race of 1 hour, retire to pitbox, and just watch all the fun action, almost like watching a real race! Amazing, awesome stuff. Totally bunkers!

Addaptive AI difficulty would be allot allot of fun for this game. Seen it in other race sims and works flawlessly, even better than I can ever fine tune difficulty for each track and race individualy in hours of trying.
Your practice time causes game to choose difficulty of AI, qualify, race, always perfect difficulty. Always a perfect challenge, even if you keep getting better. Without having to do all the difficulty tuning, you can enjoy non stop fun racing competing for every single position, always.

09-01-2018, 20:26
I generally run 90 skill and 70 aggression at the moment. I dont win every race, but it's usually a good fight no matter what if I dont win.

09-01-2018, 20:57
I fluctuate between 40-100 all depends on the cars and tracks. Aggression i leave at 40.

09-01-2018, 21:52
I started in the FR as well, and when i tried doing Knockhill, i had to lower the AI all the way down to 40. And even then it was tough. Then i kept increasing the AI level, but i'm still beating them. It's kinda hard finding a setting that's right. You have to keep moving it for every track.

10-01-2018, 00:21
Formula Renault career - I was down to 30 until I fixed the breaks locking up, and steering ratio, now up to 50 and coming 2nd. I know I can get better and go further. I give up on qualifying as it seems that AI is much harder there on the same settings. Funny how at the start I can leapfrog many coming into the first corner, but throughout the race they can accelerate as good as I can. fps is around the 45 mark so that can be improved too. aggression around 50. my aggression is around 110. damage and tyre wear off for now.

10-01-2018, 01:39
agression 70
skills between 70 and 105 depending of track/cars
race lenght 100%

started in Kart-FR-GT5-GT4-Lambo

10-01-2018, 05:39
I started in Formula Rookie at 85 AI level, 65 agression, did every pole and won every race very easily, but for the next round with the Radical with the same AI settings, I really have big difficulties, I'm always last on the grid at least one on two seconds behind on Donington and Brands Hatch, especially under the rain. I drive in VR and T500rs with every assists off. I'll keep on trying some more before I lower the difficulty though.

10-01-2018, 06:30
It varies between 60-100. I keep aggression at 50.
Ive done everything in the lower sections, rally, touring etc.
I'm in the gt5 series now. First 2 races were fairly easy at 100, the next two I had to lower to 85-90 and even then I struggled to get first, qualified around 10th.
Usually I'm the 80 range though.

10-01-2018, 07:08
I use 90-95 skill, depending how I feel, and I do them TOCA Race Driver style, short and starting from the back, to keep it really interesting and challenging :) It really messes up my championship runs at times but tbh I wouldn't have it any other way, it's just a call back to the games I grew up with.

10-01-2018, 07:30
I started in Ginetta Juniors, I think with skill at 85 and aggression at 80.

Then moved on the Clio Cup and pumped the skill up to 90, and have been putting it up a notch every couple of races ever since. I'm now in the Porsche Cayman Cup, and have AI skill at 98 and aggression at 95.

This has worked well for me. I have to use the whole practice session though to get up to speed for qualifying, my first laps at a new circuit are typically 5+ seconds off the pace - and then to get anywhere near pole in qualifying I am pushing at the absolute limit. Typically I can get a potential lap within the pole time, but usually struggle to put the whole lap together and end up somewhere in the first 3 rows.

In a dry race I'm usually quick enough to win if I'm consistent enough, but it does depend on the track somewhat and getting a good start (which is usually easy). I actually have found the AI skill has been pretty consistent between tracks in both the Clio and Cayman Cups and I don't fiddle with it between tracks aside from slowly moving the skill level up as I get a bit better - I'm just assuming that any variation is down to me and my style suiting some tracks better than others. A high aggression setting seems to be fine, haven't had any issues getting borked by the AI.

PS: The Clio Cup series is just ridiculously good fun - it's criminal that SMS made it so short!

Dave White
10-01-2018, 07:36
The fact that the AI races at completely different levels in different track and car combos kills the career mode for me. This means that unless I re-run each race after tuning the difficulty I'll usually either win easily or lose with no hope of winning. There's no real challenge to it if you have to change the difficulty each race in order to have a competitive race.
For a career mode to be interesting to me it needs to have a gradual difficulty progression so that I feel like I'm achieving something by working my way through the rounds, and currently it's not like that at all.

10-01-2018, 14:56
100/80 but sometimes I lower the 100 to 90 as some races its virtually impossible to match the AI times.

10-01-2018, 14:59
100 AI difficulty.

100 Aggression.

I may lower the difficulty slightly if im on silverstone. I win most races, not all.

11-01-2018, 15:01
85 diff/75 aggr.. I need the practice and qualification rounds to warm up.. at the start it almost looks like I'm hopelessly slow, often several seconds behind AI laptimes, but eventually I find my rythm. This difficulty keeps me on my toes in career mode. Using the touring car path. Clio -> Group A -> RS01...

11-01-2018, 15:06
I need the practice and qualification rounds to warm up.. at the start it almost looks like I'm hopelessly slow, often several seconds behind AI laptimes, but eventually I find my rythm.
Yeah same here. My first few laps in practice seem hopelessly slow. I'm often 5, 6, 7 seconds behind and I think holy crap how am I ever going to close that gap. But as I get a feel for the car, the tires inflate and the track starts to rubber in, my times improve.

11-01-2018, 15:28
I started out trying like 50%, struggled with that at some tracks... I started adjusting downward depending on how I was doing at any particular track... Eventually I just said... "Muck It" and lowered it to zero, so that I could actually get through the career mode reasonably fast.. ( I don't have years, or even months to be able to devote to running that whole career thing ). I finished up all the tiers except for the last one, before the 1.3 patch came out, after the patch came out I started a new driver and career, with the intention of increasing the AI difficulty. Since then, I've gotten into online racing and haven't really gone back to the career mode.

When I first got the point where I had to keep lowering the AI performance I was not very satisfied with having to do so. I'm still not really happy to admit that I lowered it to zero... however getting the experience of all the tracks and types of cars that are in the career mode was/is priceless... so since I do have a finite amount of time I can devote to honing my racing skills, I'm personally happy I just got through as much as I did, and learned as much as I did after I lowered it to zero... so no regrets really. Now that I've gotten through most of it, I can easily go back and re-do any of it I want... so it's still there for me if I want...

Meanwhile, I believe I've learned a lot more by doing multi player online racing , then I did in career mod... at least in terms of how to go faster. The AI sometimes drives at what I consider to be unrealistic speeds, if you try to follow it's line and braking points, it's nearly impossible to learn from ( at least it is for me ). AI just seems like it's on rails, never makes a mistake... and in general just isn't really that helpful to race against.

FYI - on some tracks and with some cars I can more or less keep up with AI at 100% now... not all tracks or cars though. In general, I'd say if you can keep up with AI at 79%, your doing pretty good and could easily compete online with others and not cause too many wrecks... if you really can't go as fast as the AI at say 50%, you probably should keep practicing before you start going online and trying to race hard against others. I wouldn't say don't go online at all, but if your not going at least the speed of a 50% AI at some track/car combination, you better really try to be careful if you get in any online race, or your likely to get people mad at your lack of skills

g33k hack3rs
11-01-2018, 19:45
Started out in tier 5 with 70 and slowly increased it ever since. I'm usually doing practice for the first 1 or 2 races just to get a handle on tires and fuel and after that stick to qualifying and racing.

Currently doing 90 in wet and 95 or 100 in dry depending on my comfort with the track. Still get the odd track where I'm way faster than the AI and others that I'm way slower. I put that down more to my knowledge of the track rather than AI inconsistency.

Aggression setting I've kept at 75.

12-01-2018, 02:21
85 diff/75 aggr.. I need the practice and qualification rounds to warm up.. at the start it almost looks like I'm hopelessly slow, often several seconds behind AI laptimes, but eventually I find my rythm. This difficulty keeps me on my toes in career mode. Using the touring car path. Clio -> Group A -> RS01...

This sounds like me, we'd probably have good races against each other.
Sometimes I'm at a 70, sometimes I can manage 100 but 85 is usually a good starting point. Really depends on the track and how familiar/consistent I can be on it.

12-01-2018, 05:57
I started 60-70 difficulty/50 aggression for Ginetta Junior GT5. I narrowly missed the championship trophy. I had some good racing with the AI. I won both the Porsche Cayman Cup with 75-80 difficulty/60 aggression & GT4 Championship at 85-90 difficulty/75 aggression. I tried 95 difficulty for the last race at Barcelona National and I was 2 secs off-pace in qualy end up finishing 12th in the race. Super Trofeo is next so I will start about 85 difficulty/75 aggression and see where I am against the AI. I run a lot of time trials & "borrow" setups and make adjustments to help prepare for qualifying.

12-01-2018, 09:26
I've upped the ante from 20-25 to 30 AI Opponent Skill now.
AI Aggression at 25.
Works for me.

12-01-2018, 16:26
I started in the 80s because that's what I had for the first iteration of the game. To say I was struggling would be putting it mildly. I lowered it to the high 30's-mid 40's and that equalized qualifying a bit. As long as I could get my act together for a good lap I could put it on pole, between a tenth or two and maybe a second and a half. But in the race I would run away at the start and barring a rookie mistake I'd never look back. If they did happen to get close they'd never try hard enough to make a pass at Aggression 40ish. Then I came up with my own offline global championship, hopping from continent to continent. At Skill 37-45 I'd easily trounce the AI in my class and the performance gaps between the slower cars in one class and the faster in the other class was just too close. I bumped up skill to 50, then 60, then finally 80 and that helped normalize the performance gaps (no more GT3 cars splitting the Group C field) and made my gap to the nearest car closer to 1-1.5 seconds. At that point the more pressing issue is how scared the AI was to pass slower classes, so I moved aggression up to 100. It didn't completely fix things but it made them a little better in traffic. The remaining issue is that my pace is still too quick to allow for a competitive race so I'll probably need to move skill up to 90 or even beyond. But then the problem there will be when I decide to go back to career mode where I'm 99% certain I'll be miles off the pace.

I wish the difference from class to class and track to track was lessened but because of how they do the AI on a situational basis it's kind of hard to suggest a fix.

Edit: I should also mention this is with gamepad and slightly altered deadzone settings. I'm sure input device and settings is a big factor in our racecraft.

12-01-2018, 19:58
100 AI difficulty.

100 Aggression.

I may lower the difficulty slightly if im on silverstone. I win most races, not all.

Silverstone is my kryptonite.

I just spent about 4 hours beating 100 AI / 90 Aggression with the Ginetta GT5 on Brands Hatch GP. That track has some seriously nasty corners.
4 hours to get second pole, 10 minutes to get ahead and stay there for the whole race.

I think my best time was 1:39 something, which actually isnt even good :((

12-01-2018, 21:08
0 skill/0 aggr, first sim, first wheel and an amazing new experience! enough of a challenge for now

12-01-2018, 22:57
I've settled for 60% skill and 25% aggression (or else the AI will knock me over and push me off the track).

I want to play with +100 skill, but then the fluctuation in difficulty from one car/track combo to another will be to inconsistent.

It's the only major gripe I've with the game and career mode, but they said and I quote "we plan to keep polishing AI for at least next 6 months [...] (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51832-On-the-topic-of-AI&p=1359697&viewfull=1#post1359697)" so things will have to change or I will keep wasting both of our time.

In my humble opinion, all the game needs (at least from my perspective) are additional AI balance patches to help sort things out and stop the AI from causing unnecessary mayhem.

Now that I've got that off my chest, feel free to point me in the right direction, settings, driving style, or whatever, anything to help improve my experience while we wait.

13-01-2018, 00:22
I'm at 115/100 in the first 3 tiers of series. I'm sure I'll have to dial that back the higher I go. I'm much better at squeezing performance out of the slower cars. Prior to getting VR, I could never 'feel' what the car was doing which made driving faster cars a lot more difficult. Now that I'm getting the feedback that I was lacking before, taming the faster cars is a lot easier.

Eric Everfast
13-01-2018, 01:21
Around the 110 mark for AI difficulty with 80 aggression in open wheelers. Haven't ventured into other motorsport disciplines in career yet; I know I'll probably have to lower the settings a bit at first to get to grips with the other vehicles. The road A cars and the older prototypes are a good challenge.

15-01-2018, 09:08
Cool to see lots of variety here, I'm not the only one who isn't capable of doing AI at 100 :)

I've worked my way through Ginetta Jrs, Clio Cup, Group A, Renault RS01, and Touring Cars and gradually worked up from 40 to 50 AI, with the exception of the Group A - for a reasonable challenge I needed to limit it to maybe 30, but in reality I hated those cars so much I ended up sticking it at 0 and just getting it out of the way.

My system now is to do practice for a couple of laps, see what the best time set it, then go into private test and run until I can beat it, then jump back in for qualifying and the race. Because the Renault and TC are so good I can generally do it within a handful of laps, it's just learning the track layout and braking points. So in theory I could up the AI a bit, but I'm on short versions of the series and don't want to replicate the 12 hours I spent on the Ginettas or the 5 hours I spent on the group As as I really want to experience all the series then come back and challenge myself on my favourites later on.

15-01-2018, 14:47
I hadnt played pCars since the beta of the pCars 1.

But I got a PS4 this Christmas and I bought pCars 2 and also a G29 instead of my old G27 wheel.

I can not play with Formula C because I can not complete a single lap without spinning ... so Im playing 60/50 but Id need to change the car to know my real level. I love Audi RS8 and despite a could only play 10-12 hours so far I use for single races 80/65.

Atak Kat
15-01-2018, 16:43
I'm around 65 for skill and aggression a bit lower (50)
I find the result heavily dependent on the track and car, and whether or not I know it.
If I'm learning the track, or I'm still messing with car setups, this seems to be a good setting. By the time I do about 20 minutes of practice and then the qualifying, I'm usually on the podium in the race. Not a guaranteed win though.

15-01-2018, 18:35
80 skill in this game is 100 skill from PC1, I dont think anyone should feel bad if they can't get near 100 in PC2 :)

15-01-2018, 19:14
I keep it 45 with a 60 aggression... somehow any more aggression and I find myself getting angry with the AI. I would rather smile politely as I pass them.

16-01-2018, 17:00
I'm using 80 skill (for the AI with custom setups) and 40 aggression.

17-01-2018, 00:25
I can not play with Formula C because I can not complete a single lap without spinning ...

Put some wet tires on the rear and you should stop spinning. It can be difficult to get heat into the rears on that car. You should still be able to keep up with the AI just fine. Still take it easy for the first lap or so, but you should have no problems with spinning after that.

17-01-2018, 08:56
I think once I finish all the career modes, I'm a little over half way now. I'll go back to my favorites and just set the difficulty at 100, maybe 110 and see where I end up without worrying about getting first all the time.