View Full Version : Anyone in for some weeknight fun races around 7 to 10PM Eastern ( Playstation )

11-01-2018, 17:19
I'd be open to joining a league , or would consider starting one if I found a hand full of guys that were like minded and available on a somewhat regular basis...

But it seems maybe more practical to just try and find others who just want to do some fun racing on a ongoing basis... and see if anything larger comes out of it.

I tend to enjoy GT3 a lot, but also have really enjoyed some Group 5 racing too... but I'm open to all sorts of things. Open wheel would be OK, but I have yet to find even a small number of people who can get anywhere near close together with open wheel and not just wind up in a pile of wreckage...

As I was suggesting, I'd be interested in something more formal as time goes on, if it seems like there's enough interest and agreement on what the format should or could be.

my PSN ID is iggyturtle

Sid Snott
11-01-2018, 23:44
Raced with you in the GT3's at the Red Bull Ring last night (I was the guy in the white Hot Wheels Audi). Watched you have a moment with the Henry? guy, so took my chance to try & shoot though which left me on the inside coming up to turn 3 (have always struggled to take this corner quickly) with you 2 guys on my outside. I braked early to try & avoid a big moment for all 3 of us by me sliding across the front of you. I don't think we touched but if we did sorry. Didn't know you had spun out as well until I got myself facing the right way

I normally start about 9 pm UK time so if I see you have lobby up and running I'ill jump in. Not fast but have just got my C rating

PS4 mad-mullah-25

12-01-2018, 01:28
If it's the incident I remember, I don't think anyone did anything wrong... I may have been more agressive than I should have, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. Either way, I surly didn't find fault with you.

14-01-2018, 20:27
Tried to drum up some interest in racing vintage GTA... the 69 Z28 if a blast to drive with authentic aids ( aka no driving aids)... One guy raced with me on Snetterton 200, he was a bit faster than me, but not by a huge amount. We were both making ocasional mistakes here and there... he let me catch up, he'd spin I'd let him catch up, in the end he beat meat... I switched to Long Beach, I left the track change there in the lobby for a minute or two before voting to continue to qualifying... I qualified with what I thought was a pretty conservative lap time, a third guy joined... neither of those guys ever got a time in qualifying... race started the new guy dropped out after like one lap... the other guy made about 3 laps then disappeared. I finished the seven lap race alone... no one else ever came along to race Vintage GTA.

I really like running the older cars... sliding around, and no antilock brakes...