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12-01-2018, 23:49
Hi All,

I have had a Thrustmaster T300RS GT in the UK and now need to use it in the USA. This version runs on UK voltage of 240v and USA accepts 120v.

Obvious choice would be to use an adapter as I do with all my other accessories - however, the manual specifies not to use the T300 with an adapter/transformer.

Just curious to see if people have tried an adapter before or what a solution could be?

Any help is appreciated.

13-01-2018, 04:53
Hi shajeeb4

Good question, I also researched this issue before buying a wheel (chose Logitech G29 because it is dual voltage) and this is what I know.

The T300RS, regardless of the region where is being sold, comes with the cable detached. Is this correct?
Its best not to use an adapter or transformer because the internal power supply of the unit is able to support both 110 and 220 V current. (Contact thrustmaster to confirm for your model)

The only thing that you need to check is to use the appropriate power lead, the one that
matches the power grid to which you are connecting it. It is best to contact Thrustmaster
as they will provide you with the payment details needed to acquire the replacement power lead
in the US.

Again this is what I know and I hold no responsibility for what's written here. There must be a reason, so its best to refrain from using any adapters or transformers until you confirm with Thrustmaster. They will email you back approx. within a week or two etc. It might sound obvious but the T300RS is a mid range wheel so you might as well invest and get the power lead cable (although I have heard it's cord length is rather short) so that you can have a peace of mind.

On the side note: If your electronic gadget supports ONLY 220v and not 110v, then you will definitely need a transformer to "step up" the voltage if you were to use the device in the US. If on the other hand, you bring an electronic gadget to use in the UK that supports ONLY 110v then you will for sure need a "step down" transformer or you may risk a fire hazard and fry the device.

*Safety is extremely important so don't plug anything in before checking your manuals carefully and consulting with an electrician.