View Full Version : Lotus 98T without engine wear?

13-01-2018, 09:50
drove a timetrail on hockenheim classic with 911Fan's TT setup, might have adjusted the radiator to make sure its not overheating.

But down the first strait in 5thgear its started to get engine wear, is it the turbo which is getting too much power?
after one lap the engine wear is about 15-20%

I even tried to make slower gear change, without throttle, but didnt make much of a difference.

13-01-2018, 10:37
If you're running full boost then the engine will wear very quickly, just as they did in real life - it was common for the engines to last a few laps on full boost, for quali sessions. For time-trial, though, it really doesn't matter, you only really need to nail a single lap :)