View Full Version : Deflationary nature of the skill ranking?

13-01-2018, 16:39
Hello everyone!

I've noticed something during a race today. The race had only 3 people in the qualy, and it started with 2 people, with one of them disconnecting at the start. In other words - I was left alone :). Since it was only 5 laps, and it was a car I never driven, I decided to just ride it out to the end. The first thing I noticed, was the clean race win achievement - yup, I got it racing only with myself and me. But that's not the reason for this post. At the end of the race I got no skill points. Which is ok I guess, but it left me wondering how the ranking is calculated. I assumed it is ELO rank, with the expected score for each participant being the expected place (see Elo rankins on Wikipedia for reference). A feature of the ELO rank is, the mean score of all players in the system is constant, and equal to the starting score. Now the question is, did my opponents get penalized for quitting the race? If they didn't this leads to score deflation, with new players starting with higher score than average. This of course assumes that my opponents did get penalized for quitting. Is this the case? If only one player is left racing, will he never get points for winning, even if his opponents quit during the race?

I wouldn't post this without a way to fix it, and prevent score deflation (assuming of course this is not intended) - when a player quits, instead of penalizing the player, score them as they would be the last person in the race. This keeps the average score constant, because there are no penalties - and the total score losses are distributed as score bonuses for the players that exceeded their expected finishing place.

Disclaimer: I have seen Yorkie's videos about the score system. My concerns aren't addressed there. I'm even wondering if there's a mistake in the video. Yorkie says that players with differences in score above 400 are ignored. Shouldn't this be that differences above 400 are truncated to 400?

Anyway - could anyone from the dev team drop further details about the skill scoring system?