View Full Version : increasing tire temperatures without pressure?

13-01-2018, 22:12
I'm currently preparing myself for a multiplayer event of which I already know the approx. ambient and track temperatures. Track is Long Beach and the track temperature will be at around 20C. For this temperature is the soft compound optimal, due to the high tire wear at Long Beach the soft tire are worn at around 7-8 laps. The only chance I see is to go to the hard compound, but then the car feels wobbly due to very low tire temperature. Pressures are in optimal range for a GT3 car (26PSI), also the gaps from inner, middle and outer temps.

Which options do I have to increase the tire temperatures without increasing the pressure and for getting hard compound into the working window? is the only solution increasing toe?

the car suspension is generally stable at corner entry and -exit. Only with the hard tires I have sudden oversteer in mid corner.

would be great to get some advices of experienced drivers here. I know that many threads are available here regarding tire temperature, i only didn't found one for this specific issues.

many thanks and kind regards

14-01-2018, 01:32
Ringley suggested GT tires might like a low range of 1.6 bar for slow tracks like Long Beach. You could try the hard tires at 1.6 bar hot. If you're struggling to get the hard temps >70℃ you might opt for soft tires.

Edit : For the hard tire oversteer you can increase the power ramp angle in the clutch diff by 5 or 10.