View Full Version : Unable to set PitConrol in Dedicated server

15-01-2018, 14:41
I'm having an issue not being able to set the value for the pitcontrol option in my dedicated.

The server is set to control game setup.

In the Api I can see this entry

"name" : "ManualPitStops",
"type" : "int8",
"access" : "ReadWrite",
"description" : "TODO: rename to PitControl. Control mode while driving through pits. The enum values are available also via HTTP API at /api/list/enums/pit_control or in Lua global tables lists.enums.pit_control, PitControl and value_to_pit_control."

I have tried every variation of spelling whilst adding the entry to the Config file, but to no avail.

My current entry reads as such

// PitControl.
"PitControl" : 1,

The strange thing is that under league testing conditions some people were reporting being able to use pit lane manually and others were not.

One other question I have which is unrelated to this.

My league is in season with a car where we run a manual pace lap to a standing start.

A problem I am having is that when we finish our pace lap and come to a halt on the grid, after 10 seconds or so a warning comes up for insufficient progress with a 20 second countdown clock. If you let the clock run out it kicks you back to pits. This is a big problem for us which did not exist running p2p.

I figured it had to do with the penalty system in some form or another. Did a ton of tests with different settings including disabling the track rotation addon.

We run with all penalties off by default, but the problem still persists.

Thanks in advance for any light shed on these issues.

15-01-2018, 14:48
Use "ManualPitStops", and 0 allows clients to manually control their vehicle in the pit lane, if set to 1 the clients have no control of their vehicles in pit.

15-01-2018, 15:00
K thanks

I tested it with both 0 and 1 settings and it seems to be working now. Although when you look at the settings when you are in the lobby it still always says that it is off.

If anyone has any clue about my second question that would be great :)